Emergent Dialogues on an Art Museum’s Response Wall

Like many museums, the Krannert Art Museum (KAM) at the University of Illinois has a space where visitors can interpret and react to art in their own words. Unlike many museums, though, this art comes from KAM’s collections. In collaboration with Anne Sautman, the Director of Education at KAM, I have begun to investigate how visitors contribute and respond to ideas shared via Post-It notes on KAM’s Response Wall. My main questions at this time are:

  • How does the nature of the artwork elicit responses?
  • How do visitors build on earlier ideas and engage in dialogue?

For data, I currently have about eight months of Post-It notes to analyze. I also took photos on a daily basis for one piece, and a weekly basis for a second piece. These photos will help me to see how dialogues “emerge” asynchronously over time.