About Me
Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at UIUC.
Supporting preservice teachers’ understanding and application of assessment as they complete their licensure portfolio.
PhD and MS from the Department of Educational Psychology at UW–Madison, with emphasis on the learning sciences.

My research investigates how distributed scaffolding supports dialogic, collaborative meaning-making in classrooms and museums.
I leverage a combination of qualitative, quantitative, and computational approaches to dig into scaffolding, collaboration, and learning at different grain sizes with different data types.
Much of my work takes place in CSCL contexts, including K-12 classrooms, online college courses, and museum exhibits.

Sociocultural (and quantitative) discourse analysis
Interaction analysis
Grounded coding (content, themes, etc.)
Parametric and nonparametric stats
Regression and ANOVA/ANCOVA
Quasi-experimental design
Association analysis, SNA, SPM, & Markov models
NLP with written artifacts
R, Python, SPSS, Orange3
Molecular modeling with Jmol, JSmol, PyMol.

Life Outside of Work
Long distance running and indoor rock climbing.
Hunting for street art.
Visiting science, art, and design museums.
Reading NYTimes, BBC News, and SMBC.
Learning to love the Oxford comma.

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